Your data. Your connection. Your direction.

Onsite is a cloud-based, mobile and desktop app that assists with file management and communications to and from the field by socially connecting people. Onsite is not intended to replace your current precision ag software systems, but to complement and improve the efficiency of these solutions. In fact, we are already connecting into many of the agronomic and precision ag software packages available today.

Onsite connections

Onsite is connectivity within reach.


Organize and access your ag data files, anywhere

Organize and direct the movement of your data while in the office (desktop) or in the field (smartphone/tablet).
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Build your agri-network to share information

Efficiently communicate and share information with individuals or groups of colleagues, customers, and vendors.
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Track your network of Onsite connections

Improve logistics and productivity by tracking your connections (people & equipment) and setup geofences to alert you when your connections cross a field boundary or designated area.
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Move data to and from any brand of farm equipment

Equipment telematics is within reach with the Onsite Relay, a wireless data transfer device that opens the door to communicate variable rate, AB lines, as-applied, yield, and any other data file directly to and from the field.
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Onsite Connections